Bahmo joined the Sonic Board in order to defend Shadow the Hedgehog, the character. This being several years before Shadow the Hedgehog, the game, was revealed, it earned him a lot of respect rather than mockery. It would take many more posts of Bahmo declaring how Sonic Battle gave him a crush on Amy Rose, what other game characters he had a crush on, and that he was extremely amused by penis jokes, to earn him mockery. He stopped buying Sonic games after making the big mistake of buying Sonic 2006 and nearly breaking his hands from karate-chopping his table in frustration while playing it. Not long after, IGN escalated its conspiracy against Sonic by refusing to enforce its rules on the Sonic board, and Bahmo, now having no more ability to get people banned for mocking his yellow teeth (among other things), rage-quit the boards/

Bahmo's teeth are yellow when he hasn't been flossing. They often turn red when he does, for some reason.

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